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The question has been asked more times than not: 

Can I lose my salvation? 

As with all things, I believe the answer to be in the Bible.

I will be using a large amount of scriptures to support what I believe the Bible teaches. The reason I do this, is because I believe scripture should interpret/explai...
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...Picture Christ coming back like a thief in the night came

Riding a white horse with the force of a night train
Heaven's open behold and overthrowing your dice game
With His pure and Holy vision eyes blazing just like flames
And nothing can escape the penetration of His holy gaze...

The text above is a...

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I was asked a question recently that I always thought I had the answer to... Until I actually thought about it and realized I wasn't sure.The question basically was: 

If the Bible teaches we are forgiven (which it does if you accept the sacrifice of Jesus), why does it still say that everyone will be...
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