The Prize Outside The Comfort Zone

12.01.17 08:20 AM Comment(s)

Being Sent

Before I share my thoughts I would like to highlight that the term “being sent out” means different things to different people, and this is how it should be as we are different parts of one body. To some being sent might mean traveling around the world and sharing Christ with unsaved people, while for others it might mean showing Christ to those around us. All in all I believe it is important to stay sensitive to that which God called us for while keeping in mind that its only through our lives and testimonies that people can find salvation.

The benefit outside the comfort zone

Personally I believe one benefit of Christians being sent out into the world, is to keep us out of our comfort zones. I say this because I believe when we stay inside our comfort zones we get complacent and stuck in a rut. Thus unfortunately we also become ineffective for the Kingdom of God. A harsh truth in my opinion is that if we are not forwarding the Kingdom of God, we are usually only trying to build our own. On the other hand when we go out into the world or out of our comfort zones if you will, our eyes are more open to the things of God and not only do we see the world differently, but the world sees us differently as well. I say this because in times of uncertainty it becomes easier to trust God. When we spread the good news with those who have not yet heard it we are usually outside of our comfort zones, and this is good because when we aren’t in our comfort zones it’s harder for us to become part of the world, and thus growing a mindset that realizes we are simply passing through till we find rest in God’s coming Kingdom.