The Not So Easy Questions

14.09.16 11:12 AM Comment(s)

We live in the information age where everything is at our fingertips, yet so little is actually a part of who we are. We have access to it almost everything, but only use what we need to survive. Now with some things life this is fine, but what has crept into my heart recently, is how little we know about what matters most. And not only that, but also how little we do about the things that could save so many.

In using the above mentioned as a background, I would like to do something different with this article. Instead of explaining what I would like to share, I simply ask that you read and reflect on the following series of questions. Through this I trust the message will become quite clear. These questions are not meant to be glanced over, so please do take a minute to reflect and to be honest:

  • Why are you a Christian?
  • What does being a Christian mean?
  • Does being a Christian make you different from those around you?
  • Do good people go to Heaven, or do believers?
  • What happens to non-Christians when they die?
  • We can easily say that something is not our calling, but are you actively searching/doing what you were created for?
  • Are you doing enough?
  • Is your reason really valid?
  • What can you do to do more?
  • Will you actually do it?

As with all of our articles, please know that the aim is not guilt, but rather self reflection coupled with life action. The reason for the article is to remind us to start asking more question and actually try to have some real answers. The reason is to remind us that while we are still here, its not too late for us to do more.