In the Quiet Moments

19.10.16 08:13 AM Comment(s)

The other day I was reminded that sometimes God gets quiet, and although I don’t always understand why, I do believe it is during these moments that God is actually the closest. You see the Bible very clearly says that God will never leave or forsake us, but for some reason just because God can get quiet at times, we start thinking He has left us (1 Samuel 12:22). Personally I believe God gets quiet during the times when He is testing me and also when He is waiting for me to do something He has told me several times to do. Thus He is ready and waiting so that He can help us accomplish what He destined us for, and He refuses to let go because He knows what's best. Then usually when I get back on His plan for my life, God is loud and clear again. So His silence in no way means that He doesn't love us. In fact it means He loves us and knows we are capable of doing so much more.

 “Whenever you feel alone and that God is not talking to you, 

go back to where you left Him to follow your own mind”.

To me this basically means that sometimes God gives us things to do in life and then without noticing we go our own way and forget about what God has laid on our hearts in the first place. So this is when God starts going quiet. The reason being simple, He already told you what to do next, so there comes a time when God stops repeating Himself. Then the funny thing is, when we do go back to the task God left us with, we will see God waiting there for us because at the end of the day, He is the One that helps us actually complete these tasks.

Now please know that I understand not all of us are the same and God works in us all differently, but I urge us all to keep seeking God and keep seeking our purpose. I believe most of us already have something laid on our hearts, even if its just a dream of something you Hope you could someday accomplish. Start taking steps to achieve those dreams, God has a way of working and guiding through us actually taking action. Then there are also those that feel uninspired or purposeless. My advice, use this time to spend more time with God, this is the best way to find purpose and to prepare for the purpose that lies ahead.

It is with this thought that I close this open article: Don’t go through life wishing you had a purpose and resenting God for being quiet. Take action to find out whats missing and knock on God’s door. He wants us all to come in.

"For the LORD will not forsake his people for his great name's sake: because it hath pleased the LORD to make you his people."
1 Samuel 12:22 KJV