My Inner Hope is not about any one individual - It’s about all of us.
It’s also not about giving Hope - It’s about highlighting the Hope God gives us.
It’s about the Hope that is all around us - The Hope that can only be seen when shared.

"But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you
a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:"
- 1 Peter 3:15 KJV

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Bible Outline

Creation Island

Food For Thought

Asking why we are here

At some point or another, I believe all Christians are faced with the question of WHY God created us? As with most things, there are many answers and opinions out there, but for this mini article, I would like to share a thought that truly connected with me on a deeper level. But before I continue, I would first like to share some clarity. There are some that believe that God created because He needs us, or that God created us so that we can serve Him, but in my opinion this just simply isn’t the case. Yes, we should serve Him, but this doesn’t answer WHY He created us or WHY He died on the cross for us. God doesn’t need anything or anyone because He created everything and everyone. So to answer the question as to WHY God created us, I propose the following...

Uncertain Trust

One thing we cannot deny about life and faith is that at times it can be hard to understand or trust God. It might just be me, but I know there’ve been times when I have wondered why God allows things to happen or why it seems like he isn’t answering my prayers. One example being us asking God why there is pain and suffering in the world. But before continuing, I would like to start this article by highlighting that many of us usually keep asking till we find an answer we can agree with or like. With this said, may we be open to accepting truth should we find it.

The Hard Truth

When talking about pain and evil, there is a short and simple truth about why it exists, but we generally dislike it and thus refuse to accept it. In response, we keep asking hoping to find another answer. The truth and answer I am talking about is...

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My Inner Hope is about sharing Hope and helping those that have Hope, to share it with those that need it most. We believe we should all be on a constant search to find out more about God, and in so doing, build our relationship with Him and those around us. By doing this we can start discovering our true worth and purpose. After all, it is only through living a life focussed on God that we can have true life filled with power and Hope. Through this website, we hope to share our inner Hope, hoping that maybe it might help give some Hope and answers to those that might have the same questions we have had, or still have today.