Accepting God and evil

09.01.17 08:15 AM Comment(s)

Uncertain Trust

One thing we cannot deny about life and faith is that at times it can be hard to understand or trust God. It might just be me, but I know there’ve been times when I have wondered why God allows things to happen or why it seems like he isn’t answering my prayers. One example being us asking God why there is pain and suffering in the world. But before continuing, I would like to start this article by highlighting that many of us usually keep asking till we find an answer we can agree with or like. With this said, may we be open to accepting truth should we find it.

The Hard Truth
When talking about pain and evil, there is a short and simple truth about why it exists, but we generally dislike it and thus refuse to accept it. In response, we keep asking hoping to find another answer. The truth and answer I am talking about is that sin entered the world through the actions of Adam and Eve, and as result the world as we know it is defective. This is why we have things like pain, disease and hardship. Personally I believe we dislike this answer because it makes us feel helpless, but then again, it should actually make us seek God even more for the solution He promised would come when Jesus returns. 

We then also usually ask the following followup question: “Why did God allow sin to enter into the world in the first place?” The answer in my opinion: Free-will. Because God loves us, He doesn’t force us to do anything and He warned Adam and Eve more than clearly about the consequences of their actions, but still they chose badly. This unfortunately means that we need to live with the consequences of the actions of those that came before us, but also each other’s actions. Another aspect of this is that God allows things because He is in control and whether we like it or not, He can do what He wants. We would do well to learn from Job in the Bible in living a life accepting what God gives us, whether its good or bad (Job 1:21; 2:10).

God's Role
With this being said, God doesn’t just sit by and do nothing, He is involved and always makes things work out for the best in the end (Romans 8:28). This does not mean that all things are good - It means that all things work together for good. In the Bible we have examples of Josef being sold into slavery only to end up as the vice pharaoh of Egypt. Moses was an orphan and was used to help save God’s people through what he learned throughout his life, and the ultimate example: Jesus having to suffer an unfair death so that we might be able to escape Hell and be destined for Heaven.

The aim of this article is not to give an answer as to why God allows things to happen, but rather to remind us that God knows best. It might not be the answer we were looking for, but the more I muse over the thought, the more peace it gives. The reason I think we have problem with this is because I think we have a misguided and minor idea of who God is. Paul addressed this topic in much the same manner in Romans 9 when we reminded the Roman church that we have no grounds to question our creator and that it would be better if we simply started trusting Him completely. We think the world revolves around us and that we always need to be happy and perfect and that God needs to give us all we want. Sorry to be so direct, but I believe this is something many of us need to address in our own lives so that God can do so much more through us instead of simply asking God in repeat the same questions…  

The Prayer
My prayer through this article is for us all to spend more time with God through prayer and through reading Scripture so that we can start to correct the idea of who God truly is, because only through the right understanding of who God is will we be able to trust in through times that might seem uncertain.