Why Did God Create Us?

21.10.16 06:19 AM Comment(s)

At some point or another, I believe all Christians are faced with the question of WHY God created us? As with most things, there are many answers and opinions out there, but for this mini article, I would like to share a thought that truly connected with me on a deeper level. But before I continue, I would first like to share some clarity. There are some that believe that God created because He needs us, or that God created us so that we can serve Him, but in my opinion this just simply isn’t the case. Yes, we should serve Him, but this doesn’t answer WHY He created us or WHY He died on the cross for us. God doesn’t need anything or anyone because He created everything and everyone. So to answer the question as to WHY God created us, I propose the following:

God created us because He is Love, and what does Love do? It Loves. It finds expression by giving all it can, simply because it wants to with every part of Its existence.

God created everything and everyone for His pleasure (Revelation 4:11). 
So in my personal and humble opinion and in short:

I believe God created us because He finds pleasure in loving us and wanting the best for us.
He wanted an outlet to express His love. 
Not because He needed to, but because thats just what love does - It loves.